Create a song Challenge Centre:

This is a "Challenge Centre" that I made for my General Methods II: Differentiated Instruction EDUC5323 class. The role of this activity is to tap into the musical intelligence while asking to create a complex assignment (synthesis). The student is to watch the slideshow of pictures from the 1st world war (the Ridge Battle) and write lyrics to the music they hear in the background (original music by myself).

Musical Form Jeopardy Game:

Here is a Jeopardy game we made for a Musical Form lesson in my Experiential Methods in Music Education EDUC5583 class .

<a href="">My Jeopardy Template</a>

Composition Assignment Podcast:

Here is a Podcast explaining an assignment on music composition.

Musical Styles Challenge Centre:

Here is part of a "Musical Styles Challenge Center" that I use to introduce musical styles to students. These slides are posted on a poster board and a computer is used to work with the playlists.

Keynote presentation (in .pdf) of the "Musical Styles Challenge Center"

Keynote presentations (also in ppt) "Podcasts in the Classroom"

Here is my handout! SAVE THE TREES!!!