MrR-news-pape-web.jpgWelcome to my Electronic Portfolio.

My name is René Rossignol. I was born in Edmundston, New Brunswick but am now living in Moncton with my wife, my four year old daughter and my two year old son. In May of 2002 I graduated from St. Francis-Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with Honours. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Education degree at St Thomas University (STU B.Ed. 2010).

I am a teacher who cares for his students on both personal and educational levels. My belief is that subject matter, although a specialist will have more tricks up his/her sleeve, is secondary to teaching in an inclusive, differentiated class. When assessments are lined up with exciting, community centred, learning, then outcomes are met and student achievement is high. My emphasis on community is felt through out my teaching and my students have multiple opportunities to learn in many different ways by keeping in mind the various tools available to us (ie: Multiple-intelligences, Blooms cognitive taxonomy, project learning, role-playing, choice etc)

My ultimate goal is to convey my love of music and improvisation to my teen-aged students. I have six years of supply teaching in the Fredericton and Moncton districts (1, 2 and 11), including one full school year of teaching in a k-8 music class setting, and have had experience in practically all subjects. (Ex: Music, Physical-education, French, Core-French, Intensive French, Math, Science, Visual Arts, Health and Humanities, English)

I dream of getting kids excited about learning, music and playing their hearts out. Helping them learn the ins and outs of group work, studio work, rehearsals, recitals and concerts by using traditional instruments and electronic/electric ones. I plan to use all the technology that I can get my hands on to excite my students about the possibilities that are at their fingertips and get them on board with this electrifying subject!

Thank you for reading,
Mr. R.